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Mix with soil and water thoroughly

Feeds & Protects

    • Improves soil biology, slow-release, better nutrient uptake.
    • Delivers essential nutrients, builds stable soil organic matter.


    • 100% Organic - Raised and harvested with certified organic techniques, our neem fertilizers are unbeatable.
    • Healthier Plant Growth - With the right combination of nutrients, Neem fertilizer supports healthier, sturdier plants and soil health. 
    • Higher Crop Yield - Healthy plants that grow in healthy soil produce a bigger yield and fresher food product. 
    • Slow Release & Works Longer- Our innovative granular and pellet products ensure long-lasting release.
    • Plants Need Less Water - Healthy, thriving plants retain water much more easily on their own; say goodbye to wilting!
    • No filler, Non Burning

    Application For Soil Drenching:

    Our Neem pellets ere also created to be dissolved in water for soil application. Take 2.5lb of pellets and soak them in a gallon of water for 10 minutes and then stir thoroughly and apply 2 to 3 inches away from the planted plants around the soil until the soil is drenched. Repeat the same when required.


    4lb 100% Neem Cake, Organic Plant Fertilizer 2-1-1 | OMRI Listed.

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